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Parent Handbook


Welcome to the Pagosa Community Initiatives school-age enrichment program! Thank you for choosing the Pagosa Community Initiative. We feel this program will provide your child/children with a safe environment while you are at work or continuing your education. PCI’s afterschool camp offers your child a wide variety of FUN activities. As you continue to read through this handbook, please familiarize yourself with our policies and procedures governing this program. If you have any questions or concerns, please call Jenna Gannon, 970-227-8697, Executive Director.


The Pagosa Community Initiatives Mission Statement

PCI’s mission is to create interactive opportunities that honor culture and diversity to provide Archuleta residents with services that increase wellness and engagement for a better quality of life.

PCI achieves its mission through programs and special projects, research and education, and professional and organizational development.

Program Goals

 Health and safety are our top priorities. 

1. To provide quality care for children in a safe, caring environment where all children can feel welcome.  

2. To support and strengthen families, focusing on:  Improving communication among family members. Increasing their ability to work and play together. Helping families share their values and good character. Increasing community awareness. 

3. To help children develop to their fullest potential. Focusing on:  

- Self­ esteem 

- Relationships with peers 

- Character development  

- Build on mental and physical skills



This portion of our curriculum will help children develop, clarify, and express their character. An important factor in doing this is to establish a supportive environment in which all children can participate in activities that build self­ esteem, make friends, and be part of the group. 

Learning to take turns, showing good sportsmanship, encouraging each other, and being part of a team are social skills needed to make friends. We emphasize: “You have to be a friend ~ to have a friend.” 

Individual play is also encouraged. Children are urged to use their imagination and be unique in their play. Inside and outside fun is always available.  

Good nutrition is important to a child’s development. Snack time is used to provide good nutrition through healthy snacks. On occasion, we will have fun snacks that the kids may help plan and prepare.  

The most important concept of PCI’s approach to school-age care is the central role of the parents and families. PCI will serve parents as a support system for the family, not as a substitute. Parents, please talk to staff about your children and inform them of any difficulties they are having in school or at home. If your child is having problems at school, this may affect his/her behavior at PCI’s Afterschool Camp. Our staff members are concerned and would like to work as a team with you and your child.


Drop off and Pick Up Procedures

All programming follows the Archuleta 50JT School District Calendar for start dates, holidays, and closures. 

Programming is Monday – Friday: From school dismissal – 5:30 PM.

 Late charges after 5:30 PM. ($10.00 for every fifteen minutes you are late, per  child.) This payment is due when you pick up late. If you are constantly picking up late, you may be advised to make other arrangements for your child. When picking up children after programming, all  parents must come into the program to sign in or sign out. Children in our program will not be released to any person that is not on the original enrollment forms unless coordinated with staff. A photo ID will be required.  Only the custodial  Parent/Guardian may add emergency persons to the pick­up list.

 The PCI staff must be notified by 2:00 PM, if your child will not be attending the after-school program. If staff is expecting your child and they do not come into the program, parents will be called to find out why the child is not at PCI Afterschool Camp, making sure the child is safe. If this happens, parents will be charged a fee of $5.00 each time staff has to call looking for your child. This fee will be due the next day that your child attends PCI Afterschool Camp. Continued disregard of this policy can result in dismissal.



In order to keep all children healthy in our programs, we must insist that children not attend PCI’s after-school camp with a fever of 100 degrees or more, rash, diarrhea, hacking cough, or any other ailment that could be contagious. School rules will also apply to PCI’s after-school camp. (24 hours to return to PCI’s after-school camp if your child has a fever, throwing up, etc.)


 The PCI staff must be notified by 2:00 PM if your child will not be attending the after-school program. If staff is expecting your child and they do not come into the program, parents will be called to find out why the child is not at PCI Afterschool Camp, making sure the child is safe. If this happens, parents will be charged a fee of $5.00 each time staff has to call looking for your child. This fee will be due the next day that your child attends PCI Afterschool Camp. Continued disregard of this policy can result in dismissal.


School Closings

The PCI policy on inclement weather or other emergency closings (snow, ice, electrical, heat, etc.) affecting PCI’s afterschool camp will be:  

1. If school is closed, for any reason, we will not have a program. 

2. If schools close during the regular school day, we may offer PCI’s after-school camp, depending on the School District office procedures. On occasion, schools may close during the day due to weather, lack of water, heat, or electricity. 

3. If school is open all day during bad weather, we will try to hold our PM  program, but we do expect parents to pick up their children early and as soon as possible.



1. RESPECT the camp, others and yourself. 

2. LISTEN to staff and volunteers. Always follow directions. 

3. HORSEPLAY, FIGHTING & BULLYING are not tolerated. FOUL LANGUAGE and obscene gestures are not tolerated. 

4. Wear appropriate attire. 

5. Play SAFE, play FAIR. Report any problems to staff immediately.

 6. DO NOT RUN in any areas of the camp, except outside. 

7. Be RESPONSIBLE for the camp games, equipment and furnishings. 

8. Help keep the camp CLEAN. Clean up after yourself. 

9. DRINK AND EAT only in the classroom. 

10. Have FUN! 


The following are not permitted 

1. Profanity 

2. Fighting 

3. Misuse of equipment, supplies, facility, vehicles, etc. (Parents may be held responsible for replacement or repair of damaged equipment) 

4. Disrespect towards staff/members/volunteers/etc. 

5. Alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs 

6. Unsportsmanlike conduct 

7. Inappropriate attire (for safety reasons, including sandals, sagging or displaying inappropriate messages) 

8. Weapons of any type including bullets and casings.


Discipline Policy:

 Staff shall use only positive age-appropriate methods of discipline and guidance of children which encourage self-control, self-discipline, self-esteem and cooperation. When a discipline issue presents itself, we initiate the following:

  • Redirection

  • Verbal warning

  • Time out 

  • Disciplinary write-ups

When time out and write-ups are used, the reason that the member is in trouble will be discussed. During this process the child is encouraged to understand that his/her behavior is important for a successful, safe and fun program. When these tactics are not successful, a staff person will discuss the issue with the child’s legal guardian/parent to help create a solution. When a child’s behavior risks safety to themselves or others, a parent/guardian will be called and asked to pick up their child immediately. This behavior can automatically result in removal from the program and will be handled on a case-by-case basis. 

1st Offense: Verbal warning 

2nd Offense: Age Appropriate time-out 

3rd Offense: Staff/Child/Director and/or parent conference – Incident Report 

4th Offense: Suspension. Director determines length of suspension and informs parent.  

NOTE: Some offenses may result in immediate suspension or termination of participation.

 *At no time will the staff members use corporal punishment as a means of discipline. Staff members will model positive behavior management techniques and respectful communication. 


Prohibited behaviors include, but are not limited to:

 • Being in the “office” or behind the desk without permission 

• Misuse of equipment which includes throwing the equipment, standing on chairs or tables, banging pool sticks or paddles on tables, etc. 

• Running anywhere in the building 

• Disturbing program areas or groups 

• Using the phones without permission 

• Refusing to follow directions as instructed by a staff member 

• Violating safety rules such as; throwing objects, playing on bleachers, etc. 

• Name calling, obscene gestures, use of racial slurs, and using inappropriate language. 

• Leaving assigned group or area without permission, or being in an area 

• Being directly disrespectful to staff or volunteers 

• Using abusive language towards staff or volunteers 

• Provoking or instigating a fight on PCI property or during events and field trips 

• Physically striking another participant on property or on field trips 

• Fighting on property or on field trips 

• Deliberately stealing, misusing, destroying, or damaging another partcipant’s property.

 • Vandalism of PCI property or equipment (i.e. defacing walls or equipment, deliberately breaking equipment etc.) 

• Deliberately spitting on another participant or biting another participant.

 • Leaving PCI premises without permission from parent & staff. 

• Deliberately putting hands on another participant



Most of the camp staff is First Aid and CPR certified. The staff will report injuries on a minor injury report form which will be given to parent/guardian at the end of the day. All head and eye injuries no matter how minor will be reported immediately to the parent/guardian. Any injury that causes bleeding or swelling will also be reported as soon as possible. In the event of a more serious injury or illness, the staff will make every attempt to reach that parent/guardian and the child will be transported to the local hospital. Please be sure to list all allergies and health problems on your child/s registration as well as making staff verbally aware. 



Children should come dressed for action. We recommend washable, comfortable play clothes, which the child can manage as much as possible. Sneakers or other soft-soled shoes are the safest. Clogs, sandals, jellies or hard-heeled boots are not allowed. Considering that we do go outdoors daily (weather permitting) we ask that you please dress your child appropriately for the weather. Clothes with inappropriate graphics or writing may not be worn. 



Social Media: The Pagosa Community Initiative has a standing policy that no staff or volunteers can friend participants on social media. If your child has any social media account, please monitor it and remind them that they cannot friend or request to friend any staff or volunteers at the PCI Afterschool Camp.  All staff, volunteers and interns have completed background checks prior to working with the youth as well as participated in an orientation and training. We have an open door policy and if you as a parent or a member has any concerns or issues with staff, interns or volunteers we welcome you to talk with the Director, Jenna Gannon at 970-227-8697. There will be no repercussions to your children if you voice a concern and confidentiality is maintained.


Respectful communication policy: All communications with staff by participants or their parents/guardians must remain respectful whether it be written or verbal. If communication is disrespectful, participants will be asked to terminate participation.

Cell Phones 

Participants are encouraged to have their cell phones at camp, but turned off or in their book bags during programming. Staff are conscious of mobile technology, but want to provide the safest environment for all participants. No personal phone calls during program time will be allowed unless it is an emergency. 


Children with Special Requirements 

To make sure your child is safe and has positive, meaningful and engaging opportunities while at our PCI Afterschool Camp, our staff member-to-child ratio is 1 to 18 or less. Keeping that ratio in mind, if your child needs assistance with personal cares, has physical restrictions, or if there are behavioral concerns that would require your child to have a personal assistant, it is the responsibility of your family to provide that one-on-one assistant while your child is participating at PCI. 


Open Door Policy

 This policy simply means that our middle school and high school boys and girls, who are registered, may enter and exit the facility at any time such child deems it appropriate for him or her to do so. Parents are encouraged to visit the after school program at any time during operating hours. Please be sure to sign in at the front desk. For the safety of our children, no one may enter the PCI space during the hours of operation without identifying himself/herself and signing in.


Mandated Reporting

 The Pagosa Community Initiative is a Mandated Reporting Agency. If there is suspicion of child abuse or neglect, the Colorado Department of Human Services will be contacted. 


Complaint Procedures

 If you have any issues or concerns, please address them with the Director so it can be resolved in private as soon as possible. If we are unaware that there is a problem, we cannot work to resolve it. We want to provide an atmosphere where your child feels safe and has fun while learning. 


Comments and Suggestions Your comments and suggestions are welcomed. You may speak to our staff when you are in PCI, leave a comment in the suggestion box or you may call 970-227-8697.


 Smoke-Free Environment

 The Pagosa Community Initiative is a smoke-free environment. Staff, members, visitors and parents on or near the facility are prohibited from smoking. Smoking is prohibited in the buildings, on the premises, or at any program or event conducted off the premises. Employees are not permitted to smoke where participants are present under any circumstances nor where participants can view the employee smoking.

Inclusion Policy

Pagosa Community Initiative embraces an inclusion approach that provides opportunities for all children to actively participate in all aspects of the program. Parents are encouraged to share a copy of their child’s I.E.P. with us so that we can better serve her/him. This information will be kept confidential but will help the staff in determining the most effective way of working with your child. Please make an appointment with the Program Director and discuss how we can incorporate it in her/his activities. The program will make reasonable accommodations in order to implement a child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP). Staff will have knowledge and training in inclusion best practices. The goal is to create a safe environment that facilitates learning as well as, an environment in which all children are valued and respected. However, the Pagosa Community Initiative is not equipped to handle severely aggressive language or behavior towards other youth and/or staff. In the event, the behavior shows signs of becoming or becomes aggressive and/or unsafe, the parents/guardians will be made aware of incidents and will be made aware of possible interventions that may include information on early warning signs for aggressive behavior, student instruction in socially appropriate behaviors, referral to community organizations that teach strategies in the reduction of aggressive behaviors. Removal of youth from the program based upon persistent aggressive behavior that endangers the safety of others and/or the smooth operation of the program will be at the discretion of the Program Director.

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