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About G.E.T. Wild Child Summer Camp 

Get Wild Child camp is based on experiential learning opportunities. Every Tuesday students will participate in Maker's Days where they will create community art projects, participate in a cooking class, play games, and participate in other creative endeavors. On Wednesday students will participate in Adventure and Culture immersion. Students will engage in activities such as hiking, climbing, swimming, and exploring cultural institutions/places throughout the southwest. All activities will have a curriculum that is based on culture, land, and activity. They will also get the chance to use the adventurer mindset while on field trips. They will be encouraged to be curious and participate in adventure activities to explore the beautiful area we live in along with the cultures that have shaped it. Field trips will be taken on every Wednesday. Thursday will be Pagosplore day where students are given the opportunity to know their town in a more in-depth way. Participants will explore our natural areas, visit with local professionals to learn about our local wildlife, terrain, and history, as well as engage in playful activities such as river play, visits to the local library, playing at local parks, and more. Each week will follow this model yet will be different from the others so that students are engaged throughout the summer! Example activities include but are in no way restricted to hiking reservoir hill, swimming, visit to Ghost Ranch, shelter building, learning to climb, beach day at a local reservoir, visits to local museums and historical sites, playing at a local ranch and so much more!! Sign up by week below!


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